Polly GPT is a saucy, multi-mode chat bot.

It can create amazing images, write prompts, compose rap songs, and write a little code. Try it free for 7-days 

How to use Polly GPT

Polly GPT’s unlimited chat credits and high-res images are available with Graydient Plus. After logging into your Graydient account, you can launch Polly GPT in your browser. You can also use it within Telegram via the PirateDiffusion /polly command.



Polly GPT has two modes: IMAGES (default) and RAW (chat).

Images Mode

Simply login and begin chatting to create images. Give it a topic and it will create some keywords, sometimes telling a dry pirate joke, and some action buttons will appear.


Draw a cyberpunk warrior eating a hot dog


Raw Mode

To parley with Polly GPT about any topic, begin your conversation with /raw.  It will drop the pirate personality and answer you to the best of it’s ability.


/raw Why did the chicken cross the road?
/raw What is pi times 69?
/raw Explain the cultural significance of Japanese randoseru